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Friday, December 21, 2007



Yipers Gypsy! We used to have racoons get into things & make quite the mess. Those little critters might look cute but they are very distructive & yes, would totally kill a bird if they were hungry enough. Glad it wasn't too bad & the bird survived the experience.


It is CRAZY...we have had them in our back yard tearing things up, under the house where they scare me in the middle of the night but NEVER IN THE HOUSE especially since I was sleeping! It totally scared me that we didn't hear OUR babies...I think the bird got quiet and the cats hid under the furniture!

The WGB cleaned up the mess before he woke me up! ACK!

I am SO glad they didn't get the bird! since it was MY idea to leave the garage screen door open for the old cat! Darn it!


I can't stand the mess they make. They killed our neighbor's turtles once. At my mother's they attacked a litter of kittens. I am very leery of those masked invaders. Hope your old cat is okay~no more sickness.


Merry Christmas!

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