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Wednesday, June 16, 2004



How did it go?!

Sending ice-cream-in-your-favorite-flavor thoughts your way.


Thank you for the thought of Ice Cream! In fact that is a really good idea! I may have to get some!

I am here. I was and am NOT happy. Of course because I am a freak, I had a panic attack when I sat in the chair and they went to numb me! Have you ever had your pallet numbed? You think you are going to stop breathing! Of course they lay you ALL the way back in the chair to make it worse! It makes it like there is a huge ball of something hanging in the back of your throat! So of course I paniced!

Do you think they WARN you about the imaginary feeling? NO...they let you make an ass out of yourself...must be a Newbie Sport! However, they are nice...and they did get me a wet cold towel for the heat that was radiating off of me...and I damn near had to strip! Luckily I was layered and was able to go to a tank top...but still HOT!

To his credit he did make me numb and I did not feel it while he was working on me. However about 30 minutes out...oh boy! There I was waiting at the drug store...for drugs I KNEW would make me sick! Oh experience!

True to form my tooth was on the antibiotics I go...I am allergic to EVERYTHING but one that makes me sick to my stomach, but I can at least breathe on it...and pain meds that do the same...even after eating ... it does not help. But what are you going to do?

I am still in pain but will only take the pain meds to try to sleep tonight...I can not handle the feeling of an upset stomach long!

Thanks for asking...I am getting by. It is just a difficult process for me...I guess I have to go back next month for him to finish! Shudder...I don't know what that all means...but he requested I get MORE medicated before I go in! LOL I told them I am a bad patient! I guess they didn't believe me! :)

And another concern...MORE charges on my credit card that I am trying to pay off so I am debt free! Damn...some times life just kicks your ass!

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