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Tuesday, January 30, 2007



oh my sweet gypsy~

I am so with you, I feel your pain~ I haven't been blog visiting lately, but everytime I come here, you always teach me something, you are such an inspiration to me!! xo ~Bella
p.s. I am in the midst of wicked storm also~


Oh Bella (I love calling you Bella!)
Storms are wicked things, that are so necessary! The storms scare you...make you brave...clean cobwebs out of your ears so you can hear the Universe whisper to you. And some times have to strip you of everything because we refuse to change...when we are stripped of every thing we see clearly what is real and what is important. I always say listen to the whisper you don't want the bat hitting you over the head to get your attention! : ) Unfortunately many times I have waited for the bat! snort!

I am honored I can inspire you! Some times as I am living my life I wonder what the point is. And then YOU write me. Thank you!

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