My Tattoo artist Paco Dietz

Drawing/watercolor painting

Fav Painters

  • Lisa Albinger
    I am SO honored to have one of her paintings! It is the largest original painting I have ever bought and I am so in love with it!
  • Julies Art Life
    I am SO lucky to have a couple of her paintings!


  • LoriMarsha
    I am honored to own several pieces of her art!
  • Rena
    Oct of 2011 I FINALLY got to meet my Rena woman! She is an amazing artist and person!
  • Cory Dogwood
    My dear friend Cory...who I stalk! She is amazing! LOVE my Cory Girl!
  • Lindsay Ostrom
    Another friends blog! Man alive this woman is a prolific artist! I love her and her art!
  • Karen Boudreau Blog
    I love this lady! She is so talented and I am so glad she is my friend!
  • Katie Kendrick
    Delightful ... Real... Inspirational! I had an instant connection with her!
  • Art Full Life
    My girl Angie! I love her! Ubber talented! I am so honored to have her art in my collection!
  • Kathy Mcelroy
    I met her at the ZNE gig in August of 2008. She is a pleasure to be around! And if you look at her blog you will see she is talented too!
  • Pip Notes
    Such a good friend to me!
  • Lady Blue
    My girl Dee, a talented and sweet soul...

Garden Blogs

Giggle & Snort

Gypsy-like Artists

Halloween ~ And a few Luscious Dark Things...

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Silly Things

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  • Marty Magic
    Marty's designs are fun, whimsical and I am addicted to them!


All things Tread and Yarn

Mixed Media Artists

  • Corinne Stubson
    Uber Cool Artist! Need inspiration? This is the place to rummage around and find it! Whoot! She is talent walking the grounds in Oregon!
  • Dee
    Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
  • Kathy Cano Murillo
  • Kim
    Oh! Wonderful paintings and collage!
  • Lisa Vollrath LiveJournal
    Prolific artist!
  • Marie O
  • Mizz Carla
    One VERY talented woman!
    I like her art a lot! Halloween goodies!
  • randi feuerhelm
    Very talented lady! If you love a good zine, get one of hers! Yummy! I love her artists cards too!
  • Sylvia Luna
    Yum! Her work is so emotionally connected to me when I view it! PS She loves Steve! Read about her in the first Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine! Wow!
  • Teesha Moore
    You have got to see Teesha's work along with her Husband Tracy! Fabulous!!! Journaling and stuff!
  • Traci Bautista
    Yum! Her work is AWESOME and she is a great teacher! If you have the opportunity...TAKE her classes!

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